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Adding Your Personality to an Interior Design


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Adding Your Personality to an Interior Design

Drake Manning

Living in Charleston and designing an interior that fits your personality can sometimes be a challenge. I've found that many of the southern interior design galleries and retail shops cater to "beach house decor." But what if you don't live in a beach house?  What if you're looking to express your personality within your interior space?

One of the first keys to getting interior design to express your personality and individuality is patience. My wife and I have pretty eclectic tastes. We're not "off the shelf." And it's rare that we can walk into a retail shop and walk out with just the right thing. So we search in many off-beat places for items that express our personality.

I'm a drummer - it's my hobby. My wife's a musician - it's her job. We live and work around music every day.  So when we started living in Charleston and designing the interior of our new, it was imperative that we incorporated elements of music into our interior design. We wanted our personality to shine through our interior design; yet we also wanted our family, friends and guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

For more than 25 years we have accumulated instruments, accessories, photos, awards, LPs and just about everything you can think of that ties to music. It all has "history" with us and is an important part of our life and love of music. We've taken our passion and have used it to bring out our personality through some eclectic interior design elements.

These are just a few of the "conversation pieces" that we've transformed into our lifestyle. 


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